What, exactly, is an Impact Communiqué?

An Impact Communiqué is a video program, typically less than 2 minutes. It includes high quality views of your new product (or project), along with professional audio voice-overs that detail the key benefits of your product. The module can also contain downloadable assets such as PDFs and images.

How is an Impact Communiqué different from a normal communiqué?

Ironically, most companies still just send out an old-fashioned e-Mail communiqué and a flat, digital picture. The format hasn't changed in decades! Impact Communiqués are a 21st century way to launch new products. They are a standardized, economical way to add rocket fuel to your new product announcements in a format that you control with about as much ease as a conventional e-Mail release.

How expensive is it?

Impact Communiqués are sold individually or in packages, and are an affordable and valuable way to launch new initiatives. Costs begin at just $1,750. Enhancements are also available to expand the reach of your Impact Communiqué to key decision makers within the public or private markets and media outlets.

What do I need to provide to create an Impact Communiqué?

Creating an Impact Communiqué is easy. Once you have purchased an Impact Communiqué package, log into the system and go to My Account section. Click “Submit an Impact Communiqué” and fill out the form. To create an impactful Impact Communiqué, we will need:

  1. Product / Project Name (Title)
  2. A Description (Features and Benefits)
  3. Company Information & Logo
  4. Calls to Action or Promotional Info
  5. Product (or Project) Images and/or Video
  6. Launch Date

Where do I ship my artwork?

Please ship artwork to:
DaVinci Graphics, Inc.
Attn: Impact Communiqué Dept.
2200 E. Devon Avenue, Suite 354
Des Plaines, IL 60018

How long does it take to create an Impact Communiqué?

Impact Communiqués usually take 2 weeks to create, starting on the day we receive your submission form and complete artwork.

Do I get to preview my Impact Communiqué before it is finished?

Yes. As part of your Impact Communiqué package, you will be provided with a preview link to view a sample of your Impact Communiqué and provide one round of edits. Subsequent rounds of changes will incur additional charges that will be determined based on complexity.

Once my Impact Communiqué is created, what can I do with it?

Impact Communiqués are extremely versatile. Some of the ways in which an Impact Communiqué can be used are:

  • Embedded on your website
  • Shared via a link on social media
  • e-Mailed to retail customers or media outlets
  • Added to an app

Will an Impact Communiqué work on my iPad, iPhone or other smartphone/tablet?

Yes. We use the latest video technology that allows your Impact Communiqué to be viewed on Apple and other mobile devices.

How do enhancements work?

If you purchase an enhancement with your Impact Communiqué package, Renewal & Redevelopment will send your Impact Communiqué out on your behalf via a sponsored e-Mail message. The custom-designed e-Mail will go to the list you select.

How long are my Impact Communiqué purchases valid for?

Impact Communiqué package purchases are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

What happens if I do not redeem all my purchased Impact Communiqués?

If you do not redeem all Impact Communiqués that were part of your package after 12 months from the date of purchase, you will forfeit the balance of the remaining Impact Communiqués. Monetary refunds will not be available for forfeited Impact Communiqués.

Who can I contact with questions?

For additional questions, please contact us at vpr@redevelopmentinitiatives.org.

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The combination of captivating video and informative audio adds rocket fuel to your marketing communications, achieving a return on investment that a regular text / html only document cannot match.

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An Impact Communiqué, in many ways, is as easy to create as a traditional press release. But that’s where the similarities end. Take an informative, no-obligation tour and see for yourself what our turn-key solution can offer your business and your bottom line.


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