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The concept of "plain old advertising" doesn't work anymore by itself — it is really just self-promotion, and today's professionals understand that, and all too often they simply tune out such marketing communications. However, there's good news! The Impact Communiqué adds a new twist to the old concept, where 'self-promotion' and relevant and engaging information work together. These are not mutually exclusive!

We encourage you to explore the site; then contact us for an in-depth, no obligation demo. We believe this innovative application could be a good fit for some of your clients, while adding immediate, positive returns to your bottom line. 

X NO additional overhead OK Now you can offer clients more services, innovative solutions and generate immediate results
X NO fluff and stuff OK The VPR is designed to build brand equity, consistently across all channels, including mobile
X NO IT involvement OK Responsive Design is “built in”; hosting is included and the broadcasts can be done turnkey (optional)
X NO gimmicks OK The VPR is designed to maximize engagement, shelf-life and enhance the depth of the concept
X NO additional training OK Your time is focused exclusively on crafting the perfect message and visual presentation
X NO learning curve here OK We are seasoned, media-savvy professionals who know the trade; a virtual extension of your shop
X NO surprises OK Online Account Management; an intuitive, form-based process with dedicated tech support
X NO multiple vendors OK We are a One-stop Shop. Thus, we stand 100% behind the work and the commitments we make
X NO busy work OK We know your time is valuable. The interactions will be short and to the point—focused on results
X NO excuses OK You Got It!
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See an Impact Communiqué in Action

VPR in Action

The combination of captivating video and informative audio adds rocket fuel to your marketing communications, achieving a return on investment that a regular text / html only document cannot match.

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Have a Question

Visit our FAQs page to get answers on the Impact Communiqué technology, creation process and more.

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An Impact Communiqué, in many ways, is as easy to create as a traditional press release. But that’s where the similarities end. Take an informative, no-obligation tour and see for yourself what our turn-key solution can offer your business and your bottom line.


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