Why an Impact Communiqué?

How do you bring the excitement of your new initiative to market? Large companies spend heavily on clever image building advertising, combining social media, video, and interactive, highly visual websites. But how do you communicate the excitement of your groundbreaking new initiative to the trade — your business customers and the media that serve them?

Ironically, most companies still just send out an old-fashioned text message and a (simple) picture. The format hasn't changed in more than 50 years! The only “difference” ... now it’s being sent via e-Mail. However, with thousands of important launches every year, your message — and the excitement and originality of your initiative — simply gets lost in the shuffle.

Every communiqué looks basically the same.

Impact Communiqué

Until now! The Impact Communiqué, is a standardized, economical way to add rocket fuel to your new product announcements in a format that you control with about as much ease as a conventional e-Mail release.

If you have an exciting and original concept or project, describe the attributes and voice the ways in which it will build business, attract customers, and lead forward. The Impact Communiqué adds unparalleled excitement and shows off what makes it special to the trade. Best of all, the delivery system provides the links and collateral to support your trade announcement and engage both customers and media.

Creating an Impact Communiqué is a three-step process. Simply pick the number of releases you want; tell us about your initiative through a simple menu-driven user interface, and send (upload) content and artwork to our production studio — all on your own timetable. Within a few days you're ready to distribute a press release that’s optimized for e-mail and online distribution.

Isn't it time that you did more to promote your life-blood—the success of your new products? Let us build an Impact Communiqué for you. To get started, sign up for an account or request a demo .

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1 YOU NEED an appealing message to explain your initiative effectively OK Our proven, well-structured script format connects with the audience
2 YOU NEED a persuasive tool that adds depth and reach to your initiative OK An Animated Short Video that offers many options beyond the simple text (eg. YouTube)
3 YOU NEED the ability to deliver across all channels, including mobile OK Responsive Design; your audience will see your message fully optimized for their device
4 YOU NEED an organized media kit; not just a press release, or just a video OK Our copyrighted e-Card Deck is designed to maximize shelf-life and enhance the focal points
5 YOU NEED someone who understands the industry; with no learning curve OK The Staff and Resources of Renewal & Redevelopment are seasoned, media-savvy professionals
6 YOU NEED a simple process, easy to follow and easy to manage OK Online Account Management; an intuitive, form-based process with dedicated support
7 YOU NEED fast, turnkey production OK We are a One-stop Shop, thus, you are guaranteed the shortest delivery possible
8 YOU NEED to send your message out to business customers and the media OK We can Host and Deliver your Impact Communiqué — to any list — yours, ours or a mix
9 YOU NEED competive pricing OK You Got It!
Starting at just $1,850 for ARI Members
10 (and) YOU NEED them ALL in one place — with one vendor; no surprises OK You found it — it’s Impact Communiqué!

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VPR in Action

The combination of captivating video and informative audio adds rocket fuel to your marketing communications, achieving a return on investment that a regular text / html only document cannot match.

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Have a Question

Visit our FAQs page to get answers on the Impact Communiqué technology, creation process and more.

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An Impact Communiqué, in many ways, is as easy to create as a traditional press release. But that’s where the similarities end. Take an informative, no-obligation tour and see for yourself what our turn-key solution can offer your business and your bottom line.


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